It's all in a Name

Over at Amigos del Cielo airpark there are almost 80 - 10 acre lots surrounding the runways. In an act of traditional individualism the owners are starting to name these parcels. While the best known parcel is the Sky Gypsies complex with its coffee shop and movie theater, its notoriety primarily a result of the development that has occurred on the site. But the other lots are starting to gather names. At the north end of the airpark is Camp Pseudoobscura, and 2 doors down is DUH, the Dunson Unicorn Haven. Like Wolfsong Ranch the local wolf sanctuary, DUH is dedicated to the preservation of unicorns and is in the process of developing a website with a dedicated unicorn webcam allowing visitors to see the animals reside there. While I do not think these small parcels will ever rival the large cattle operations in the valley they do demonstrate the type of individuals who find the San Simon Valley a place they want to be.

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