The Biggest Movie Studio in the Bootheel of New Mexico

When making the aviation videos I would often joke that I ran the largest movie studio in the bootheel and it wasn’t my fault that there were no other studios down here. The landscape is expansive and the mountains create the perfect backdrop for aviation videos. The location is ideal, with 4 - 2500 square foot hangers at Amigos del Cielo airpark that doubled as sound stages and the Sky Gypsy complex as a location, it is easy to tell little stories. Now with the addition of the 80 acre Painted Pony Resort (PPR) the resources are even greater. PPR with its 3 houses, heated pool and spa, hanger and runways is located at the center of the San Simon Valley. The estate was designed with guests in mind and arriving on the property one is greeted with the view shown below. The Peloncillos as a backdrop to the main house and 2 guest houses.

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