Weight Shift Control Advertising

Weight control aircraft get a bad rap with many in the public. Whether it is complaints about the lack of a tail and control surfaces to statements about flying lawn chairs. Those of us who fly these aircraft know they are safe stable aircraft when flown within their flight envelops and it is the inexperienced or overbearing pilots who often have problems. The problem has been one of perception by those who take one look and draw a series of conclusions. It is a fundamental problem of advertising. How to present these aircraft to the public and potential converts in a manner that creates a positive perception. Since the adoption of WSC aircraft into the light sport category by the FAA there has been an increase in general aviation pilots who have transitioned into this category suggesting that government (FAA) recognition adds legitimacy. But I believe there needs to be additional forms of government advertising for WSC aircraft.

To that end I would suggest that we adopt a stamp as an additional form of advertising.

The 9 cent airmail stamp issued in 1971 shows what is purported to represent a Jet Silhouette. Well, I would suggest that the stamp shows a top down view of a weight shift control aircraft in flight. Compare the 2 photographs below. One of the 9 cent airmail stamp and the other of a top down view of a trike. Clearly the stamp shows a WSC wing in flight and not a silhouette of a jet. I believe that this 9 cent stamp can be co-opted by the trike community and used to promote the sport.

The question then becomes are there other symbols whether stamps or any government advertising that can be co-opted to promote the sport?

Photograph courtesy of Lyn Freeman

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