A Bad Idea

The FAA has announced some proposed new rules that will significantly affect light sport aviation.  Basically, they are proposing to limit operations to single seat flights (initially in SLSA aircraft transitioning to ELSA status).  This proposal demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the history of light sport aviation and the requirements for 2 seat operations.  Presented in the disguise of instructions to safety inspectors and DARs the proposed regulations will negatively impact the future of recreational aviation.

For more information see this article in Powered Sport Flying Magazine and to read the proposed FAA document see this link .


  1. I miss seeing the light aviation in the area, I only had 1 ride but sure did enjoy it!

  2. I have not flown in a long time, but would really like to get back up in the air. Perhaps when I get caught up with all the work around PPR.