The Air Creation Racer is back

After discontinuing the FAA FAR103 compliant single seat Racer awhile back, Air Creation has introduced a new version.  The new Racer renamed the Pixel comes in 2 flavors the XC version and a standard version.  With a 13 sq meter single surface wing it is analogous to the old Fun 14 wing.  The main difference is the power plant.  With the loss of the Rotax 447 a new power plant was required.  Air Creation chose the Polini Thor 250 engine, a single cylinder water cooled 2 stroke to power the Pixel.  Below is a photograph of the aircraft's specifications.

Visit the Pixel website provided by Air Creation USA 

single seat ultralight
Specs on the new Pixel from Air Creation


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  2. The iFun Pixel could potentially be a game changer for Part 103 trikes in the U.S. Because unlike with most ultralight trikes, this one - with it's ability to actually cruise at 60mph - has real cross-country capability rather than just "fly around the patch" capability. I've read that 200+ mile flights have been completed in the iFun Pixel, which is quite an impressive range for a true Part 103.

    Also love the choice of a Polini Thor 250 engine. This might very well be the first two-stroke engine that can serve as a real, practical replacement for the Rotax 447. While the Polini only has 37.5HP vs. the 447's 39.6HP, the Polini engine also weighs about 1/3 less all-in (which should more than make-up for the 2.1HP difference). In addition, the Polini is a pretty advanced "next generation" two-stroke with it's centrifugal clutch, liquid cooling and balancing countershaft for smoothness. An acquaintance of mine who is more familiar with the Polini's told me the Thor 200 and 250's are hands-down the best two-stroke currently available in the 30-40HP range.

    And finally, the iFun Pixel looks to have typical Air Creation build quality and design. Which is to say, better than it's competition in these regards. (No offense to anyway. It's just that American trike designers design their trikes sorta like American car companies designed cars in the 1970's. The US Part 103 trikes may work just fine, but they are missing the design aesthetic and overall 'high end' feel that Air Creation has put forth with the iFun Pixel.)

    I imagine the iFun Pixel won't be cheap, especially for those of us here in American. But I'd be willing to spend a couple thousand more dollars for the extras that the iFun brings to the table.

    Here's to hoping that U.S. trike designers start using the Thor 250 dual-spark in their own trikes. I'd buy one tomorrow IF such an option was available...

  3. Check out Air Creation USA website for the Pixel


  4. Air Creation USA will have an iFun Pixel on demonstration at Copperstate flyin on October 23rd

  5. Air Creation Video from the East Coast Boys