5/9/2011 Temporary Flight Resrictions, TFR

Two temporary flight restrictions are in place in the bootheel of New Mexico and nearby in Arizona.  The one in New Mexico is along the border with Mexico in the Animas Valley and is in response to the Cloverdale fire.  The other is near Portal Arizona and is in response to the Horseshoe fire which started yesterday.  Both of these TFRs prohibit the operation of aircraft within their respective boundaries to minimize interference with fire fighting activities.

New reports on the Horseshoe fire are just starting to come out.

UPDATE 5/11/2011
The runway at Amigos del Cielo Air Park is being utilized by helicopters from the fire suppression team.  Be aware that helicopters are not flying regular patterns around the runway.  If landing, be alert for unexpected air traffic.

UPDATE 5/15/2011
The Cloverdale Fire TFR has been removed from the FAA's TFR website, although the TFR over the Chiricahua Mountains remains in effect.

UPDATE 5/16/2011
The TFR for the Horseshoe Two fire has been increased in size from 5 miles to 8 miles in diameter.  This now covers part of the valley that lies in AZ, New Mexico is unaffected.  The sectional with the TFR may be viewed here .

UPDATE 5/23/2011
The TFR for the Horseshoe 2 fire has been increased to a radius of 13 miles and now covers the whole valley around Rodeo New Mexico

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