A Sky Gypsy

There are individual pages on The Sky Gypsies blog about who and what is a sky gypsy.  Here is an individual who truely represents the spirit of the sky gypsies.  Dave Skyes, a paraplegic who took up flying microlights (he is British and in Britian they are microlights while in the US they are weight shift controlled light sport aircraft), has started an epic cross country flight.  His goal is to retrace the steps of an early aviation pioneer from Britian, Amy Johnson, who was the first women pilot to fly from England to Austrialia.

Dave's site, solo flight global, has links to his blog which is a record of the trip and an interactive map based on GPS recordings that is a record of the flight.  Follow along as Dave crosses Europe, the middle east, India, and points east in his trek to Austrailia.

The interactive map does not seem to work in IE9 but does work in Mosella's Firefox.

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