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Here is the first video created at the Painted Pony Resort. It has taken awhile to get things up and running and this is the first chance to create a new video here. Two cameras were used in filming, a Canon Vixia HF100 with a partial fish eye lens was used for the reverse and side views while a GoPro sports camera which has a 170 degree field of view (in the default setting) was used for the wingtip and control bar shots. The stability of the GoPro is good and the mounting is straight forward. It is important to note that the wider the lens the further back everything in the field of view appears, so one has to be right on top of a subject to get a close up and create the appearance of jeopardy. The balance between lens choice and the apparent distance to the subject is tricky and sometimes takes several attempts to get the right look.

you can also view the video at Youtube or at Trike Pilot Social

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