Species (Genus) of the Day, Aphonopelma sp.


Tarantula burrow

This velvety black tarantula was outside my front door the other evening. Walked outside to check on some things and it was wandering across the yard. I have found several burrows around the place, and have observed a tarantula in one. It has some light webbing around the entrance and during the day webbing over the top of the hole. I grabbed a couple of pictures at the time but the other morning I found this tarantula again wandering around by one of the garages near the other tarantula burrow. Since the other burrow had webbing across the top I don’t think this one lives in that burrow and may have been looking for a mate. I have not sexed the animal so don’t know if it’s male for female. The most common species of tarantula found down here is Aphonopelma chalcodes the desert blond tarantula although over 50 species are reported from the southwestern US.

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