Gaia's Brain

The idea for an image of Gaia's Brain has been floating around for awhile and several flights were made trying to capture an image that would serve as its basis, but none of the proposed sites for the photograph produced anything publishable. After much work I got the aircraft in the right place, at right time of day, at the right altitude, and right angle to bring the idea to life. Taken from an altitude of between 50' and 100', the photograph is of exposed bedrock that is highly fractured, weathered, and eroded. The eroded rounded bedrock has the appearance of the convolutions found on the surface of the brain and by processing the image with tilt shift software and presenting it in black and white this effect is highlighted.

By presenting an image suggesting a physical brain and implying that it can be localized (to the bootheel of New Mexico), the photograph reiterates some of the early ideas about he anthropomorphic nature of the Gaia hypothesis that were very controversial. Primarily, that planetary homeostasis and the feedback loops that maintain it requires an underlying intelligence to create and maintain the system. Evidence suggests otherwise.

Click on photograph to enlarge and open in a new window, but the image looks best when Viewed On Black

View on Black

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