Gaia's Brain: Low Level Aerial Photosynth

Just finished a 76 image photosynth of Gaia's Brain (see preceding post). It took 2 flights to get the photographs and Microsoft's Photosynth to make sense of them. On the second flight 2 Border Patrol trucks were waiting for me. I dropped low and grabbed this photograph, waved, and start gathering photographs for this photosynth. There's me flying in circles photographing rocks and the Border Patrol watching. Kinda like watching grass grow, it could not have been very exciting. But I do like having the backup.

Here is the final product, there are at least 2 halos I've found indicating that I managed fairly good coverage of Gaia's Brain. You may also view Gaia's Brain on BAlvarius' page at the photosynth site where a larger version is available. While the original "Gaia's Brain" black and white tilt shift photographs may not appear to be aerial photographs the photosynth should put to rest any doubt (and I have witnesses).

A simple multi-image panorama may be seen here.

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