Pullman Railroad Cars in the San Simon Valley

Evidence of old El Paso and Southwestern railroad in the San Simon Valley is most visible in the railroad bed that parallels Highway 80 from Douglas to Antelope Pass, but there is additional evidence that is less visible but perhaps more important. The rail line to El Paso was an extension of the original line between the mines in Bisbee and the smelter in Douglas, used for hauling ore. The amount of activity on the line between Douglas and El Paso was reportedly minimal due to the low population density in southern New Mexico, but the photographic evidence shown below indicates that passenger service was available. Pullman cars were the standard in railroad accommodations and there are 2 examples in the San Simon Valley, the one shown below and another partial example sits at the mouth of Horseshoe canyon near the large stone spiral. For reference, compare the image below with this Pullman car museum example.

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