Prehistoric Advertising

Advertising is all around us with people trying to sell everything under the sun using all sorts of tools to get the viewers attention. But tools and resources for advertising can be expensive. Here in the Sky Gypsies advertising department there are no tools or resources to promote weight shift control light sport aviation. Everything is created from scratch and there is a constant effort to create new ideas and methods to provide visitors with a diversity of interesting material supporting the notion that "what can be done on the ground is more fun in the air". But what about cultures from the past? How did they promote their ideas and products to one another? Has anything really changed or do people use the same advertising methods today that were used thousands of years ago?

Here are the results from a Google search of “advertising nested bowls“. A review images returned with this search term all show similar presentations all the products, essentially a set of nested stacked bowls. When this search is expanded to include images of cultural material from the past, the search term becomes “archaeology nested bowls” and returns these images.

Even partially uncovered it is obvious the pottery bowls were displayed stacked and nested. Nothing has changed in the presentation of bowls in thousands of years. While it can be argued this presentation style was driven by function rather than form the fact remains the same, the style of presentation has not changed.

To extend this idea the advertising department created a set of nesting bowls of it’s own using only rocks. No metal or electric tools were used to create these stone bowls. They are reproduced in the style of stone bowls found at sites around the southwest and presented in the same format that has been used for thousands of years one bowl in another. Hand pecked, created by banging one rock on another, the presentation style of these stone bowls is indicative that the same old advertising approaches don’t always work and new methods of presentation are required to get people’s attention.

Stacked stone bowls in a metate.

Nested stone bowls

If weight shift control light sport aviation is to move ahead in an increasingly competitive market and move beyond being a "novelty in a niche market" new advertising approaches that will attract peoples attention are required. I would suggest that banging rocks together in an attempt to create the same old advertising does not work.

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