The Government is out to get us, the Death of Aerotrekking?

Those who have never flown a weight shift control light sport aircraft or ultralight trike seem to always have an opinion, frequently negative. For some reason if it does not have an enclosed cabin, a tail, weigh several thousand pounds, and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars/hr to operate it must be dangerous. But geesh, I didn’t know the Air Force had decided to do something about it. This call for proposals from the Air Force is looking for a “non-lethal weapon utilizing net launching technology” to take out utralight aircraft/paratroppers. This Counter Ultra Light Aircraft/Paratrooper System (CULAPS) system will be based on a ground launched lightweight net which will enclose the aircraft and spoil the lift causing it to gently come down. They would like it to be light weight (man/vehicle held) and have a vertical range greater than 500 ft. Oh and it should be automated for remote operation so sensors can set it off.

Somebody watched this video on how to catch a bird and decided it would work for aircraft.

Hat tip to Skydog Skyblog

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