The Art Race, Hurdle 3 - The Trade.

It was negotiation time and Ben questioned me about creating some sort of artwork in the sky since we spend a lot of time flying. I replied that while that was an interesting idea, how about something on the ground only visible from the sky? Since we spend our time flying around looking at the ground, something only visible from an aircraft would be really neat. He agreed and started getting excited. It was decided that he would create a geoglyph of the Sky Gypsy wings in the desert. By clearing the surface rock and ground cover the underlying surface, which is a lighter color, would show up when viewed from above. I got out a rake and broom and passed them over. Ben chose a spot of empty desert along the runway and got to work. It took him and the film crew from before noon to about 5 pm to clear 100’ high Sky Gypsy wings in the desert. As you can see from the photograph they looked great.

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