The Art Race - The 2nd Hurtle - Who Runs The Show?

So the next morning the film crew arrives with Ben who had found a place to stay in Portal. We did all the setups and filmed like it was the day of the flight. Then we went flying. They wanted to set up on the runway to get some flying shots and the suggestions started. I explained that when I turn the key I’m responsible and pilot in command so I make the decisions. Ooooppps, this initially did not go over to well, but when I explained about some of the other directors who had filmed here and what some of their requests had been then the problems associated with complying they began to get the picture, directors want to kill pilots. So I explained what I could do for them, I could place the aircraft in front of their camera in a number of different ways that would look cool from their perspective but I would always have full control and not put anyone at risk. It was a polite way of saying "yes I want to make your vision a reality but I would like to live through the experience please". I kept repeating, “if we do this right everybody lives and you get the shots you want, we do this wrong and everybody dies, the FAA becomes involved, there will be gnashing of teeth, then ashes and sack clothes for everyone left alive“. They asked where they could set up for filming and we choose several spots where they could get cool shots and everyone would be safe, second hurtle passed.

Ben did well and adapted quickly and soon he was flying from the backseat using the instructors bars. No cross controlling or over controlling he did quite well. He could hold straight and level flight for several minutes. I flew us past the camera along the runway in a series of low passes creating a number of different poses with us and the aircraft. When we landed after an hour of flying everyone was happy. The camera guy got what he wanted, Ben got a flight lesson, I was safe the whole time, and finally I brought the artist back. I’m sure Clare was relieved.

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