Rodeo Intermediate Field

A photograph of the Rodeo Intermediate Field from 1947 surfaced and was posted on Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields: Southwestern New Mexico.  Originally appearing in the June 1947 issue of Skyways Magazine the image is of a new Piper Cub, on a ferry flight to California, parked in front of the radio tower at the Rodeo Intermediate field and the image shows the Peloncillo Mountains south of Highway 9 in the background.  This view of the mountains in combination with concrete foundations and footings, especially the fuel tank stand which is still in existence, on the site allows the original location of the photograph to be relocated.  This was done and the view reproduced 65 years later.  Both views can be compared to one another and it is clear that although the towers and buildings are gone the view remains the same.  As a side note, still awaiting the installation of the new historical marker by the state at the site.

Piper Cub at the Rodeo Intermediate field in 1947.  Used with permission.    
Rodeo Intermediate field 2012


  1. This is so great to have that picture of back in 1947! Now how it looks as history.

  2. It would be nice to find other old photographs of the air field and make current images for comparison.

  3. The pictures only show how years have changed the airfield. The towers are gone but some of the parts of the airfield are still. Thanks for this photographs.

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  4. The aircraft in the picture is a 1946 PIPER J3C-65, serial number 17156, owned by Michael A Sporrer of Edwardsville, IL. Last registered on June 02, 2006, valid until October 31st, 2015. Imagine how much that airplane has seen .....

  5. Thanks for the information and your quite right I imagine that aircraft has seen it all.