Operation Migration and the FAA

Several days ago Operation Migration ran directly into the FAA while shepherding young cranes on their first migration to Florida.  The weight shift controlled aircraft used in Operation Migration are Light Sport Aircraft and flown by pilots with at least a light sport certificate and sign off for weight shift control.  The pilots are volunteers but some expenses are being paid by the organization.  The FAA sees this as a commercial operation and the FAA failed to create a commercial license for weight shift control aircraft.  OOOOooopppps.  An online petition was started to ask the FAA to grant a waiver to allow completion of the migration flight this year.  The good news is that today the FAA is allowing the migration to continue on a one time basis so not to impair the ability of the young cranes learning the migration route.

Perhaps this will be the impetus required to coax the FAA into completing the Sport Pilot Rule.

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