Historical Marker Update

Received a phone call from the New Mexico state office on historical markers seeking some additional information about the contributor of the submission for the Rodeo Intermediate Field.  The press release is in preparation and hopefully everything will go smoothly at the approval meeting.  They had viewed the intermediate field in  wikimapia and were surprised to learn I had contributed the entry based on research from several of the Intermediate Field Databases.  I pointed out the other online contributions about the bootheel and suggested they have a look at what is being created down here.


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  2. Please be sure to send Stopping Points a note when the marker is approved, and we'll add a page for it on our site, making it much easier for history enthusiasts to find.

    New Mexico Historical Markers

    Very exciting news that your marker is to be approved!

  3. Thanks for the update, I'll be sure to add the marker once it is in place.