Sky Gypsies Geoglyph

Like the Nazca lines in Peru, certain terrain features can only be appreciated from the air. In many cases these are man made features although nature creates many beautiful and elegant images. One of these man made creations is now visible on Google Earth. The Sky Gypsy logo created by New York artist Ben Sargent during the "Art Race" now shows up on Google Earth. The satellite image is of lower quality than that shown on the main page, but if the viewer goes to the image captured on Aug, 14 2009 the completed Sky Gypsy complex is visible as well as the geoglyph. Below is a screen capture of the satellite image from that date and below that is a low level aerial photo of the geoglyph for comparison.

Click each to open in a larger window.

Other photos of the geoglyph may be found at the Brooklyn Chowder Surfer.


  1. followed the link to Brooklyn C.S, but can't find anything about Sky Gypsys. :(

    I will keep looking, lol. I'd love to know the creative process.