Civil Aeronautics Authority field 57A, Rodeo Intermediate field

The Rodeo Intermediate field (Civil Aeronautics Authority field 57A) was the first airfield in the San Simon Valley. Built by the Department of Commerce it served as a turn point on the route from California to El Paso. The field was used as an auxiliary field during WWII and was eventually shut down in the early 1950's. The buildings from the site were not torn down but moved. The radio building now sits in the town of Rodeo, New Mexico's most western town and is part of Rodeo Cottages. Below are photographs of the roof of the old radio building where the air route designation can still be read. On the back roof it reads "SD-EP 26A" and underneath the other designation 57A can still be seen.

Front roof of Rodeo Cottages showing "Rodeo"

Back roof of Rodeo Cottages showing "SD-EP 26A"

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