Origins of the Film Indrustry in North America

Contrary to popular opinion, and historical evidence, the development of the film industry in the US reaches far back before the early work of Edison and the early studios in New York. While the motion picture industry soon discovered the pleasant weather and scenic locations in the southwestern US, specifically Hollywood, it was an earlier group of people that developed simple motion pictures, the Mimbres who lived in present day New Mexico and Arizona. Lacking the technological advancements that gave rise to the film industry they instead created dramatic black on white picture bowls. By linking a series of these picture bowls together in a presentation it is possible to create almost any story imaginable. In fact these early movies were so popular that many bowls (single frames) were included as burial offerings. Something to watch in the afterlife. While this idea may appear somewhat far fetched it would be supported by the archeological record with the discovery of sets of picture bowls that could be woven into a storyline (script). Below is an example of a story based on Mimbres bowls.

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