Canyon Running in the Philippines

Below is a video shot in Bukidnon. Carlito Frias shot this video from a weight shift control aircraft in the steep canyons of this province in the Philippines. It captures the beauty of these deeply eroded canyons as well as the surrounding countryside.

THE GREEN CANYONS OF BUKIDNON from Carlito frias on Vimeo.


  1. Nice places buddy! I wish I was on your place, say your GTE. Thank you. Javier, Spain
    (A former Cosmos WSC ULM flyer)

  2. Thanks for the comment. The scenery is spectacular down here, but somewhat isolated. It is a great place to fly trikes.

  3. Wow. The experience must be amazing! I want to get to try this next time I go home to CDO. HOw do I get to try this? Wonderful scoring to your video too! Bukidnon looks wonderful from up there, with the ridges imitating the rows of pineapple in Del Monte. Thank you for sharing this!

    JC (Geologist, Manila)

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