The Ghost Town of Old Hachita

There are at least 2 ghost towns in the bootheel and the first one is now cataloged. Old Hachita on the east side of the bootheel sits at the base of the Little Hatchet Mountains next to Turquoise Mountain. It lies just on the east side of the contential divide and all photographic flights must cross the divide to reach the site. This link contains some background information on Old Hachita

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Others have photographed Old Hachita up close, photographs of the ghost town may be found here and here and there is a 28 image Photosynth of part of the town.

Of course the fellows from emergency services made an appearence during my flight (see below) and upon returning I found Border Patrol had also visited the airport. It's good to have somebody watching your back, even if they think you are a drug smuggler.

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  1. Love your overview shot of Old Hachita. I've photographed the dickens out of it from the ground, but nothing beats an aerial view. Well done!