Who is a Sky Gypsy?

Some people seem terribly interested in who the Sky Gypsies are, so here are 2 videos showing the difference.

Not a Sky Gypsy

This is a Sky Gypsy

You have to be able to bear it all to be a Sky Gypsy, and yea, you have to know how to fly weight shift control light sport aircraft.


  1. Great clip, what a classic!

  2. Hello,
    Do you have any photos from the Bootheel that could be viewed in stereo?

  3. July 17, 2018
    Hello Out There !
    I am Sky Gypsy... with wings folded in my parachute... Been Sky Gypsy forever...
    Presently living in Champagne, France, flying on all airfields in the East.
    Do you have water out there ? Rivers ? Lakes ?
    Love America ! :)

    Sky Gypsy

  4. I am from the UK. Have been flying trikes for decades.
    Just found you :-)
    Love to know more about you and Amigos del Cielo Airpark
    You are all welcome to join