Tilt shift low level aerial photography

Tilt shift photography is an optical technique requiring a special lens. The lens is moved relative to the plane of focus resulting in images where the center is in focus and the margins are out of focus. Similar effects can be created using a large aperture and a shallow depth of field. With the advent of digital cameras and computer processing a similar effect can be created by shoving 0s and 1s around. This method is used to create tilt-shift miniatures, resulting in life size objects appearing as miniatures. In many cases high angles are also used to help create the impression of looking down on a miniature. This makes this technique especially well suited to aerial photography. Since parts of the image are defocused the photographer can draw the viewers attention to specific parts of the photograph. An online tilt shift image processing resource where the photographer can manipulate their own photographs is TiltShift maker. Several images from the Flickr site have been electronically tilt shifted and are shown below and a slideshow of tilt shift images is in the side bar near the top of the page. As you will note from the image gallery, landscapes seem best suited to this technique.

Original Aerotrekking aerial photograph
Tilt shift modified Aerotrekking aerial photograph
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Original photograph of Playas siding on the old El Paso and Southwestern railroad
Tilt shift modified aerial photograph of Playas siding
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