Spinoffs - The Enthusiast

I have run across "The Enthusiast" an advertisement, several times on the web. Someone has taken the idea of the Sky Gypsies and reformatted it for their own purposes. In this case an advertisement for E TRADE. When the creation of an idea and it's implementation focuses solely on people and not the concept it is subject to vagaries of human nature and the probability of success diminishes. But when the concept itself is promoted in new and different ways, the probability of success increases. That is not to say promoting people is not important, but people should come second to the concept. A concept can be manipulated and formed into what ever shape works best in the effort to get the message across. Trying to promote an idea by focusing on the people involved results in misunderstandings, and that will not be as successful.

So keep it about the concept, in this case weight shift control aircraft, flex wing microlights, and ultralight trikes and not the people involved. The idea will grow and spread with others adding to the concept as they find a role in the promotion of the idea.

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