Bootheel Photodocumentation Project: Update

One hundred and ten of the photographs submitted to Google Earth have now been accepted for placement on the map, a better than 95% acceptance rate. Covering the San Simon and San Bernardino Valleys, Animas Valley, and parts of Hachita Valley these low level aerial photographs capture some of the uniqueness of this sparsely populated area of the country. A great deal of air time has been spent and thousands of photographs taken to convey some of the emotions evoked by this part of the country. Flying around the bootheel is a unique experience.

In the process of documenting the bootheel a number of techniques have been used, not all of which lend themselves to viewing in Google Earth. Large panorama photographs, tiltshift modified photos, and photosynths have all been created. Each technique is a slightly different way of "seeing", and each brings something unique to the subject photographed.

Maps with photographs from the Bootheel Photodocumentation Project currently include:
Google Earth
bing maps

I still hold a fascination for erosion features (rills) found across the bootheel. The summer monsoons can generate a lot of water in a short period of time and the patterns the water creates on the desert surface can only be appreciated from the air.

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