The Big Synth from Microsoft

The initial experiments with Microsoft's Photosynth are very promising. It appears possible to reproduce the "Big View" that weight shift control aircraft pilots have while flying. There are now 6 synths ranging from 10 to 74 images now posted at the Photosynth site. The largest is the 74 aerial photographic 3D panorama of the east flank of the Chiricahua Mountains. Taken during a series of the PTS steep bank turn maneuvers flown along the east flank of the mountain range this panorama allows the viewer to see the mountains as we see them. The software seems to run slow on this site so I would suggest viewing the synths at Microsoft's Photosynth site.

It should be possible to use the aircraft as a paint brush to paint an image with aerial photographs. If the site and flight paths were preplanned this would create 2 images, 1 the aerial panorama itself, and 2 embedded within that another form or shape visible only in the point cloud. We will see.....

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