What Will I see out Aerotrekking?

Frequently those preparing for their first flight in a weight shift control trike will ask “What will we be able see from up there?”. Well imagine an unobstructed horizon to horizon view both horizontally, and perhaps more fun, vertically. Looking down on the landscape is how I spend a lot of my time when flying. The landscape takes on a completely different perspective from just a few hundred feet up. Detail not discernable from ground level becomes obvious. New patterns emerge when viewing a landscape from the slightly elevated perspective Aerotrekking. Even ant nests and the trails they make are visible and nest patterns and nest distributions become obvious from several hundred feet overhead.

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Pilots have carried along a camera and photographers have learned to fly, turning this obsession with “looking at the ground instead of watching for traffic” into a specialized vocation known technically as aerial photography. While it may be just an excuse to look at the countryside it is really what recreational aviation is all about, getting out and flying for an hour and looking at the landscape. Every flight is different since the same scene changes with the seasons or with the light at different times of day.

It doesn’t really matter whether your interested in ant trails or just looking around and taking in the view. An open cockpit aircraft (weight shift controlled of course) is the best way to spend a morning or evening.

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