Ring around the Mountains, Aerotrekking in Arizona and New Mexico

A group of 3 aircraft left at dawn for a couple of days aerotrekking around the basin and range region of southern Arizona and New Mexico. The plan is to fly up the east side of the Chiricahua Mountains and cross at Apache Pass into Sulphur Springs Valley then on into Wilcox. The next stage will be to fly across the Wilcox Playa and around the Dragoon Mountains on the way to Tombstone Arizona. From there the proposed route continues to Bisbee and then southeast to Douglas. The final leg is then north through the San Bernardino Valley into the San Simon Valley and back to the Sky Gypsies complex at Amigos del Cielo. The proposed route and predawn preparations are shown below.

The Route

0 dark 30 preparations

In Front of the Hanger

Departure from runway 17

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