Weight Shift Control Makes it to the Big Time

Airbus has 2 patents (1 pending, 1 granted) which involve the use of weight shift control on their commercial aircraft. The first patent relates to wing warping using the position of the winglets to change the torsional forces altering the wing shape in flight. While the second patent application involves the redistribution of fuel between tanks in the wings, belly, and tail to achieve weight shift control of pitch and roll. Designed as an emergency system in case of complete loss of the primary control system, weight shift control of an airliners flight path could also be achieved by having passengers run to the front of the aircraft to achieve a nose down attitude or to the back of the aircraft to bring the nose up. Then of course side to side for roll. I prefer the 2 energy management systems on a weight shift control aircraft, the control bar (for storing energy in the wing) and the motor for providing thrust.

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