Time Sensitive Materials and Sport Pilot Testing

A student preparing for the Sport Pilot Practical exam is required to bring a number of materials with them to the test and the Practical Test Standard (PTS) lists these materials.

The materials are:

Aircraft Documents: Airworthiness Certificate, Registration
Certificate, and Operating Limitations
Aircraft Maintenance Records: Logbook Record of Airworthiness Inspections/Safety Directives
Pilot’s Operating Handbook or FAA-Approved Flight Manual or
Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions
Current Aeronautical Charts
Flight Logs
Current AFD and Appropriate Publications
Identification—Photo/Signature ID
Pilot Certificate
Medical Certificate or Driver’s License
Completed FAA Form 8710-11, Application for an Airman
Certificate and/or Rating—Sport Pilot
Airman Knowledge Test Report
Logbook with Instructor’s Endorsement
FAA Form 8060-5, Notice of Disapproval (if applicable)
Examiner’s Fee (if applicable)

The Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) is not required to provide any testing materials and frequently a problem arises with materials the student brings which are out of date. Both the Sectional and the airport facilities directories (AFD) are time sensitive documents having specific expiration dates. Before the test can begin these documents should be checked to make sure they are current. If not current, there is a problem and this problem must be solved before testing can proceed. A student can solve the problem by using current online versions of sectionals and the AFD. I have provided links in the sidebar under weight shift aviation links to an online source for sectionals and the FAA’s AFD updates. So, if you arrive for the test with outdated materials get online and use the current materials in conjunction with the expired materials.

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