Registered Airports of Rodeo New Mexico

There are 3 registered airports south of I-10 in the 320 square miles of the San Simon Valley and all are located near Rodeo.

The Rodeo airport is operated by Rick and Cleo Chamberlain the owners of Chamberlain Aviation who are both CFIs and Rick is an A&P mechanic. They cater to mostly fixed wing traffic but many weight shift students use the Rodeo Airport as a way point on their cross country.

Mystery Well Ranch is a private strip on the sectionals.

Finally, Amigos del Cielo, home of the Sky Gypsies is an airpark dedicated to light sport aircraft.


  1. I was there in the early 1940s when my dad worked for the FFA there eas a dirt field and a radio/weather station. We explored a rock near the thumb and possibly Book of the Earth. It had a hole from one side to the other and pictographs of stick figures and flames. does anyone have pictures of the rock and the pictographs?

  2. I've been told about the passage but have not seen it personally. There are other pictographs on the south side of the first big outcrop under the overhang.

  3. Of all the equipment used in a rodeo, the bull riding rope is one of the most important. It is the lifeline for any cowboy and as such, great steps are taken to make sure the rope is in pristine condition.

    Bryce Rodeo

  4. Looking to sell 2 light aircraft motors.1 is a Cuyuna 215 and the other is a Yamaha KT 100 7U5. Cuyuna is rebuilt and Both Run Please call for info and Pics. 520 668 4596 Phil or Steve