Are We Green?

Why yes we are green, and not only on St. Patrick’s day. Flying a weight shift control light sport aircraft is an ecologically sound way to see the country side. The 4 cyldinder 4 cycle Rotax 912 engine uses lead free automotive fuel, not aviation fuel so there are no lead emissions that would accompany a general aviation aircraft. In addition, automotive fuel contains a certain percentage of ethanol part of the year so again lower emissions. Air Creation’s Tanarg burns about 2.5 gallons/hr., combined with a hands off cruising speed between 65-70 results in about 40 miles to the gallon, better than most cars.

Unlike 4 wheel drive vehicles, ATVs, and dirt bikes, a weight shift control aircraft never touches the ground eliminating the erosion problems associated with wheeled vehicles or foot traffic. These highly maneuverable aircraft are intended primarily for recreation but have found many other uses such as migration training of endangered bird species.

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