Free, The Weight Shift Control Flying Handbook.

With the takeover by the FAA everything has become more uniform for weight shift pilots, one organization that oversees training of trike pilots and registration of aircraft. While the merits of this have been debated endlessly one thing is clear - the process moves forward. The Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook has been published by the FAA and is available online from several vendors. Aside from providing standardized information for training and testing, the great thing about this book is you already paid for it. Your tax dollars went to pay the author and you can get as many free copies as your hard drive can hold. That is one of the good things about the FAA, they tell you what you what the rules are (the FARs), they tell you what you are required to do to get a pilot ticket (training requirements), and they give you all the information to accomplish the task. It is all free, just go and get it. It is even possible to complete a light sport CFI with the information the FAA provides. The system is set up to help you pass and get your ticket.

You can find a link to the Weight-Shift Control Flying Handbook under weight shift aviation links in the sidebar or you can just go here.

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