The History of Sky Gypsies

According to the unencyclopedia flying gypsies (flypsies) or Sky Gypsies have been around since the middle ages. These flying vagabonds used homemade aircraft primarily as a means to escape angry locals or police. This is in contrast to many of today’s Sky Gypsies whose love of aviation exceeds their income. They are easily recognized by their poor dress, shaggy hair, and emaciated look but somehow manage to own at least one aircraft. While the airworthiness of their aircraft may be questioned modern Sky Gypsies are always ready to fly.

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  1. OK, I fit the poorly dressed and shaggy hair, and just maybe I'm a good fit for sky trekking in an open air trike. In the late 70's I racked up a couple of hundred hours in hang gliders and then started training for my PPL in 1980. Solo'ed at 11.8 hours and ran out of money at 39 hours, so no PPL. In April of 2016 I moved to Columbus, New Mexico for my retirement and bought a home and hangar to try and rekindle my interest in flying. I'm not a fan of Wichita spam cans and would prefer no government involvement with my flying, so maybe a true U/L trike is my calling. Problem is I'm also not a fan of noisy and smelly 2 stroke engines. Maybe a HKS 700E powered trike that fits Far 103 weight limits, but would really like electric motor instead. I have built a couple of EVs and am comfortable with controllers, batteries, and electricity. I live at 1st Aero Squadron Air Park (NM 09), which is 69 nm from Amigos del Cielo airpark and if there are still gatherings would love to join in.