Digital Airport Facilities Directory (AFD)

Airport facilities directories are useful tools for flight planning and every pilot has a copy. The problem with these little green books is they have a very short life span expiring about every 3 months. If you are not close to a pilot shop, like the Sky Gypsies, it is difficult to keep an current version of the AFD. Well the AFD is now online courtesy of the FAA.

A current AFD is especially important when testing since the designated pilot examiner (DPE) will require the applicant (us) to have a current copy for the ground portion of the test. But thanks to the FAA that will not be a problem, just go online and either download the latest version for the test or connect to the site during the oral. Demonstrating the ability to access relevant information on the FAA’s website also demonstrates good aeronautical decision making skills, something DPEs always like to see.

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