Extreme Trike Flying

Low and fast with a Revo weight shift control light sport aircraft.  The best way to fly.


Air & Space Magazine with Trikes

 A great new article in Air & Space magazine about trikes.  With 2 videos included it is a great way to promote the sport.  Click on the link to read the article.  Contributions by Henry Trikelife and Larry Mednick.

Flying an “air trike” is a lot like riding a motorcyle in the air.

The Green River

A recent posting by Jeff's Flight Log of his flight down the Green River.  Spectacular scenery and good music accompanies the imagery.  About 30 minutes long it is well worth viewing.



Weight Shift Control Light Sport Aircraft in New Mexico

Trike flying in New Mexico. A really nice video of one pilot's view of trike flying in New Mexico.  It is good to see more exposure for this unique form of aviation.


A Bad Idea

The FAA has announced some proposed new rules that will significantly affect light sport aviation.  Basically, they are proposing to limit operations to single seat flights (initially in SLSA aircraft transitioning to ELSA status).  This proposal demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the history of light sport aviation and the requirements for 2 seat operations.  Presented in the disguise of instructions to safety inspectors and DARs the proposed regulations will negatively impact the future of recreational aviation.

For more information see this article in Powered Sport Flying Magazine and to read the proposed FAA document see this link .


The Air Creation Racer is back

After discontinuing the FAA FAR103 compliant single seat Racer awhile back, Air Creation has introduced a new version.  The new Racer renamed the Pixel comes in 2 flavors the XC version and a standard version.  With a 13 sq meter single surface wing it is analogous to the old Fun 14 wing.  The main difference is the power plant.  With the loss of the Rotax 447 a new power plant was required.  Air Creation chose the Polini Thor 250 engine, a single cylinder water cooled 2 stroke to power the Pixel.  Below is a photograph of the aircraft's specifications.

Visit the Pixel website provided by Air Creation USA 

single seat ultralight
Specs on the new Pixel from Air Creation



Another trike pilot raising the bar in video production.

Sky Surfing

A different take on the concept of Sky Surfing by a pilot in California.


Aerial Photography

Nothing is more fun than going for a flight and grabbing some photographs to document the experience and many pilots use only small inexpensive digital cameras on flights because of safety and ease of use.  The popularity of the digital camera has fundamentally changed how people take pictures and cameras are now built into a variety of electronic devices from smart phones to tablets, my gps even has a camera.

I was recently asked to present a digital photography workshop demonstrating how I shoot images and what processing techniques I use on the resulting photographs.  The major take home lesson from the talk was that images are no longer made in the field but rather afterward, taking pictures in the field is now a matter of  data collection.  This approach is especially useful for photographs taken while flying where quick snapshots are the rule.  If you are not satisfied with your aerial photographs perhaps applying some of these techniques will help make your photographs jump off the screen.  While I do not claim to know what makes an interesting photograph these techniques have helped garer over 500,000 views on images I created and submitted to Google Earth.

I have uploaded a pdf of the workshop power point presentation which shows how to manipulate images and lists all the software resources (free).  The pdf may be found here.

Photo book

Below is a before and after of the same image  where the input levels were slightly decreased, contrast was slightly increased, and unsharp mask was applied. Note the apparent increase in resolution and increase in photographic depth.

Tanarg image before post production processing.JPG
Tanarg after post production processing.JPG